You're Such A Tease!

Recently  I pounced upon this beautiful perfume on one of my purposeless strolls to Primark, you know, the not really going to buy anything but just need to know everything in the shop just in case I'm asked about it in exams  kind of window shopping. Ok so being the dedicated customer  that I am, I didnt want to hurt their pride by walking out with nothing, i totally wouldnt have that on my conscience, so I decided to pick up this perfume so that Primark doesn't feel so sad and inadequate. That will be preposterous, Oh, did I forget to say that I also picked up a few other bits just for the kicks because I could totally do without them, right? Said no girl ever!(Try saying that in monotone)

  To be honest, I picked it up for the bottle but boy it smells good! The bottle has a diamondy texture to it with a glittery top and its pink to boot!,  girly goals right there.
It's 75ml and a great everyday perfume. It was a meagre £6 and very easy to throw into your purse. If you love sweet scented aromatics then I'm sure you would love this one. Since I'm not very good at describing scents we will go with what it says on the bottle?," seductive oriental fragrance with notes of bergamot and cedarwood combined with peach and vanilla". Well I'm not sure about the seductive bit but I sure did smell bergamoty, cedarwoody, peachy and somewhat vanillaly, lol you get the point, I basically smelt like a candy floss.

Smooches, Mariànne 

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